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Education is a performance sport. To do it well, educators need practice, targeted coaching, and a supportive team cheering them on. Our free programs are designed with these critical elements in mind, accelerating the work of educators and changemakers across the planet in their pursuit of magical schools. Sign up below to be the first to know when opportunities go live. NOTE: We are a New York State-certified provider of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education hours, and all programs qualify unless otherwise noted.

For educators in pursuit of the extraordinary.

Professional Development

Great teachers are great learners. Throughout the year, our workshops and virtual trainings offer educators the opportunity to build skill, community and expertise. Hailing from across the nation, educators join us to explore the core components of subject area instruction and school design at Success Academy, including curriculum, content, and the pre-teaching prep that powers each lesson. Participants then develop a vision for implementing what they learned at their schools. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when new opportunities go live.

School Design

Success Academy’s unique school design powers each day for our students and teachers.There are varied elements to our school design, and many of our workshops and trainings focus on diving deeper into those elements to understand the rationale behind each design decision and how it shapes teaching and learning. School design elements we discuss include the role of play; project-based learning; school culture and community; assessment; scholar skill-building, and more.

Supporting Educators

Teachers move mountains, and they deserve high-level support as they do their transformational work.We at the Robertson Center are educators’ biggest cheerleaders, offering programs and digital communities for educators to improve their practice, commiserate with and learn from one another, complete professional development hours, and balance the demands of work and life.

Thought Leadership

We have learned lots of lessons over the years about how to make the schooling experience better for kids, educators, and families. Our thought leadership shares those lessons with fellow educators and contributes to the broader discourse about education. Our thought leadership appears both in the media and on our own digital channels on topics like socioemotional health, fostering healthy scholar work habits, and family engagement.

Get In Touch

The Robertson Center is a space built by educators, for educators. If you have an idea for programming you’d love to see or a particular professional development need we can help you meet, we want to hear from you! Get in touch at [email protected].

Behind the Work

Stacy Gershkovich, Master Principal & Managing Director of Sharing at the Robertson Center

Stacey Gershkovich

Master Principal & Managing Director of Sharing

Stacey started her education career as a first grade teacher at PS 138 in the Bronx. She joined Success Academy in 2006, as the founding science teacher at the network's first elementary school. Stacey would go on to serve as founding principal of SA Harlem 5, before joining the network team to oversee mathematics, science, and scholar talent as Managing Director of STEM. She then served as Managing Director of Schools, where she coached and supported leaders at a portfolio of SA schools. Stacey received her undergraduate degree from Emory University, her Master's in Education from Pace University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Teaching and Learning with a focus in Mathematics Education at NYU. She is mom to Jake, Emma and Riley.

The Robertson Center at Success Academy

Message From The Team

A Letter For You

We have to be honest — the most essential members of our team are all of you. When we set out to build the Robertson Center, we envisioned it as a place where we could bring educators together to talk about the challenges they face, the dreams that drive them, and the ups and downs of daily life in schools. What we’ve found is that, while we do get the privilege of bringing educators together at the Center, it is the educators themselves that have brought the place to life. You all are the ones who turn your ideas, thoughts, and questions into vibrant and moving dialogue, fill our walls with stories of your kids, and push us all to think more expansively about what it means to be an educator in today’s world. It is your questions that drive us, your dedication to your kids and your practice that motivate us, and your energy that feeds our drive to do all that we can to make sure every single one of our kids is getting the education they deserve. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your partnership. We couldn’t do this without you.

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